2nd Brigade, 1st Netherland Division in 6mm

The penultimate infantry unit for the Allied II Corps is the 2nd brigade of the 1 Netherlands Division. This was a unit commanded by Generaal-Majoor Dominique Johann de Eerens. These are more blue-jacketed Dutchmen wearing the uniforms of their former French allies.

In Bl├╝cher terms this is an Overstrength brigade, hence the five battalions, 18th Light Battalion, 1st Line Battalion, 1st National Militia Battalion, 2nd National Militia Battalion and 18th National Militia Battalion.

The 18th light battalion were added as a reason to break up the blue with a unit of green! One of the best things about painting the Anglo-Allied armies is the real mix of uniforms.

As with the 1st Brigade of the Netherland Division this unit is made up largely of militia, so they have a low Elan of 5. However, their overstrength status will give them a bit of punch in the fight.

Now there is only one infantry unit of II Corps left to paint, then one Cavalry unit, so I am almost done! Then what next? Only time will tell...

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  1. You're certainly cracking them out at the moment. Nice work :)

    1. It's not doing my eyesight any good! Thank you!


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