1st Brigade, 1st Netherland Division in 6mm

Over the Easter break I was able to crack on with the units for the Allied II Corps. Having painted all the red-coated brigades in the Corps, it was time to turn attention to the blue-coated Netherland Division. The first unit is the 1st Brigade, unsurprisingly... This brigade was commanded by Generaal-Majoor Ferdinand d'Hauw.

The Brigade was made up of the 16th Light Battalion, 4th Line Battalion, 6th Line Battalion, 9th National Militia Battalion, 14th National Militia Battalion, and the 15th National Militia Battalion. For my purposes these were reduced down to four battalions of Dutch line and militia.

Given the large amounts of militia in the unit it is classified as Conscript in Bl├╝cher terms, and has an Elan of only 5.

However, fighting as a large formation with the other units in II Corps this shouldn't be much of an issue on the tabletop.

Now there's only two more infantry brigades to finish off for II Corps now! Onwards and upwards!

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