Deliver Us, Oh Lord, From The Wrath of the Norsemen!

Another small project I have started recently, has been a Viking Age skirmish game, this is why I built the Icelandic farmstead and also why I bought myself some Viking figures from Vapnartak. I only wanted a handful as I want the game to be based around small bands of warriors competing for the best loot. 

So, I called at the Museum Miniatures stand and picked out about twenty figures and then took a walk over the Peter Pig and bought a set of Vikings carrying loot. These photos are of the first two batches of figures.

The Museum Miniatures figures are the ones carrying weapons and the Peter Pig figures are all the ones carrying loot.

The figures are all individually based as the game is a skirmish.

I have about another ten of these to paint over the next few days, so check back in the future to see them finished off as well!

Thanks for reading!


  1. They look great- I wish my 20mm figures looked as good as your 15s.



    1. Thanks Pete, these were only block painted then treated with army Painter's dark shade. Nothing fancy at all!


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