More Judge Dredd Perps

As I was waiting for the Bristol Fighter to dry in various stages, I tackled a few more Judge Dredd figures, as they had been sitting on my painting desk for several months now. I am still trying to work my way through the figures I bought at Derby and these are the next three. 

The first one is a guy who looks like he's spent too long in one of Otto Sump's Ugly Clinics:

Either that or he is a mutie, but I prefer the idea of him being an ugly...

Next up is a female assassin, dressed all in black:

To me, she has the look of Blanche Tatum about her.

And finally in this batch is a rather dapper member of the Hunter's Club.

The black cloak was tricky to shade, but I did it with a mix of Black and Khaki.

There are still quite a number left to do of the Derby figures, plus the Warlord sale items I picked up, so this theme will run for a while yet!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I've a load of the metal gangers - lovely figs!

    1. Thank you, yeah, I bought loads for cheap at a show a couple of months ago, I've been working my way through them slowly...


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