2nd Brigade, 9th Div, II Corps, L'Armée du Nord

Here it is, finally, the last French infantry brigade for II Corps of my Waterloo project, completed over Christmas (and used in battle last week!). It's the 2nd Brigade, 9th Division, commanded by Général de Brigade Baron Jean-Baptiste Jamin with the 100th Regiment of Line and the 4th Light Regiment.

Along with its sister formation, the 1st Brigade of 9th Div, the unit was involved with the attacks on Hougoumont farm during the battle of Waterloo.

This is another standard French infantry unit, with 6 Elan and skirmishers.

So, with the infantry finished, I had just one cavalry unit left to complete the Corps. Christmas was good in allowing me plenty of time to pick away at this big unit.

Thanks for reading!