Digging the Trenches

Back at the Derby convention, you may recall that I bought a trench section from Early War Miniatures. It was one of their miscast sections. To be honest, I can't see what is wrong with it apart from a slight crease in the base of the trench and as it only cost me £2, it was a bargain as far as I can see. Now I work part-time I am able to paint a bit more on my down-days, so I finished off the section:

It was painted exactly the same way as I had done the other trench sections that I also bought from Early War Miniatures, the blog post on this is HERE.

Also, on Sunday, at Fiasco, I bought some EWM craters, at only £6.50 for thirty craters this was another bargain. These were also finished off quickly and you can see them around the trench section alongside one of my original trenches:

This was a quick job for both the trench section and craters and has added a bit more scenery to my Square Bashing and Through The Mud and the Blood projects. 

Thanks for looking!


  1. Great work. I really must invest in a set for myself.



    1. Thanks Pete, they are easily the best trenches on the market and are reasonably priced as well!

  2. Great work and bargains to boot

    1. Thanks Neil, yes, they are a great price, even at full retail. Well worth a punt!


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