Freeze Punk!

Here are another few figures from my Derby World Wargames haul, all for the Judge Dredd project again.I am not sure of the manufacturers, but if any readers knows where these figures came from, please let me know!

First up is a yellow-jump-suited vigilante; Captain Vengeance. A mild mannered estate agent by day, a crazed perp hunter by night!

I decided on a yellow colour as it matched the comicy feel that I have been trying to achieve with this project. The jump suit doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Speaking of which, neither does the little red number that this femme fatale is wearing. She's probably escaping from some high-society heist:

I don't fancy here chances of escaping the law in those heels, but the two handguns should see her way out of trouble...

And finally for this batch is a dirty pro-democracy activist.

Always out on a protest of some sort, these types are the bugbear of the Justice Department. This figures seems to have been part of a motorcycle gang and is armed with only knuckledusters, but he makes a good democrat.

That's three more figures down and a small dint in the pile!

Thanks for reading!