Through the Mud and the Blood and the 15mm

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had an epiphany about Through the Mud and the Blood, the Two Fat Lardies rules set that covers platoon actions in the First World War. I did put together a collection of 20mm figures for a project that initially was going to be CHEAP! Inevitably it gained legs and got out of hand pretty quickly. So I have put the 20mm figures on EBay and pared back to 15mm. There's a couple of reasons really, one is that the scenery I have is predominantly 15mm so I don't need to go changing anything and secondly I have 150 unpainted Plastic Soldier Company First World War figures that I got when I doubled up on their Kickstarter for The Great War board game. That alone is more than enough for Through the Mud and the Blood. However, the Great War range is not extensive and there are some missing troops types, these I sourced from Peter Pig, another favourite of mine.

First up are PP's British rifle grenadiers, I did actually badger Martin to sculpt these, so I thought it high time I actually bought some... Here they are with four PSC figures to make a section:

Also new (ish) in the Peter Pig First World War range are these British grenade throwers (who look like they are doing a spot of synchronised dancing...).

As part of the order I bought some British Lewis gunners, who are absent from the Great War figure range (maybe they will be available in future, who knows).

The figures are all based individually, specifically for Mud and Blood, but may also be used for the Great War as well. Double win! They are also in my Early War Miniatures trench system, which is meant to be for 20mm figures, but works just as well with 15mm. 

I like the new Peter Pig figures, but I do wish they would finish off the full range, I'd love to see both British and German signallers, engineers, snipers, tank crew, and even downed pilots and observers. So, if you're reading this Martin, you'd have at least one customer for them!

Thanks for reading!


  1. They look really nice. 15mm is a tricky scale for me to paint.



    1. Thanks Pete, I am used to painting them! These are quite forgiving figures as well and I use inkwashes to really help!

  2. You do that fine range of Peter Pig figures justice! Great work!


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