1/48th Fokker DVII WIP Part Three

With the fuselage finished and drying, it was time to turn my attention to the upper wing. I did mention making rods for my own back and this was no different. Ernst Udet's Fokker has a famous red and white 'candy stripe' pattern that he painted over the factory colours. I did some research on the net for other people who had created the same colour scheme for their Fokker and found out that at 1/48th scale the stripes were approximately 5mm in width. So I bought some 5mm wide masking tape from Tamiya. I then meticulously laid this over the white painted wing surface. I measured the width between each stripe with another line of tape so that it was equal all across the wing.

Next, I painted the red stripes over the exposed areas on the wing. This was a quick job and I wasn't too sharp with the painting.

I should have taken a bit more care with the red though as some of it bled through the masking tape and looked a bit messy. However, I repainted the white very carefully and was able to eliminate the mess. I then varnished the wing.

I added the black cross decal on the upper surface of the upper wing and it was finished. So far I have finished all the upper surfaces of the plane and I am quite happy with the results, there needs to be a bit of tidying up on the lozenge pattern, but that will happen after I have finished the lower wing surfaces.

Onwards and upwards, this is turning into a nice build and I am really enjoying using a few new techniques. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, the whole thing looks great, and the wing looks fabulous! Patience it not only a virtue, it produces a damn fine Fokker as well. :)


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