Lord Vader, You May Start Your Landing

With the continuing Star Wars project in 15mm, I needed to add some Star Wars specific scenery to my collection. Ninjasaurus Rex made me aware of some chap who had built the shield generator from The Empire Strikes Back for a Star Wars diorama. 

He was using it for the action figures, but it looked like something more in scale with 15mm figures. The whole thing was made using paper plates and bowls and mounting card (and other odds and sods). I have embedded the original video below on this post, rather than detailing how I went about making mine as the process was pretty much the same (minus the Styrofoam balls).

The whole building time was very short, only a couple of hours work and the materials for both came in at about £6! The most expensive thing being the plywood boards they are mounted on. Painting was pretty simple too, as it was all speeded up with the liberal use of spray paints!

As, I said, they are a reasonable size for 15mm figures, here is a shot with some 15mm Stormtroopers and an AT-ST for scale.

I know in The Empire Strikes Back there are four of these structures, but I decided on making only two, as there would be other smaller shields needed to protect smaller targets than the entire Rebel HQ!  Plus two wouldn't take up as much room on my table as four.

Here is the original video which I used to construct my two generators: 

It's a pretty easy build and can be used for any other Sc-Fi settings,so it's definitely worth giving it a try!

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