By God Sir, I've Lost My Leg!

In Blücher, the commander in chief of the opposing forces can make a difference, especially in moving units at their most basic level. There are also different C-in-Cs with different traits and generic ones with no skills beyond the basic movement allowances.

However, both need a marker for the table as they have a command radius for the movement bonuses. So, I set about making some for my growing 6mm British and French forces. I used a Peter Pig 30mm x 30mm plastic base for both and Baccus' figures from their command ranges in the respective Napoleonics ranges. The French C-in-C marker is made of two generic officers on horseback.

Being staff officers, I added a bit more gold braiding than on the other figures I have painted.

The British command base consisted of Old Nosey himself, Wellington, along with Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Picton, armed with his trusty umbrella and overcoat, along with his top hat. The third figure is Henry Paget, 2nd Earl of Uxbridge, dressed in his favourite 7th Hussars uniform (although with a lot more gold braid, in keeping with his flamboyant character!).

The title of this post is what Uxbridge supposedly cried during Waterloo, when he lost his leg to a French cannonball. Wellington's terse reply was 'By God Sir, so you have!' Wellington's complacency may be due to the fact that in the recent past Uxbridge had run off with Wellington's brother's wife!

The figure has both legs intact, in case you were wondering...

Again, these were lovely little sculpts from Baccus, a really pleasure to paint and full of character. I hope they look good on the board amongst the other figures.  

Thanks for reading!


  1. Alex I don't think you have any worries about them looking good on the board amongst the other figures! They look spot on


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