1st Brigade, 3rd Division, I Corps in 6mm

Moving on rapidly due to lack of work, I was able to get the next French unit ready, the 1st Brigade of the 3rd Division of I Corps, commanded by Général de Brigade Antoine Noguès. This brigade was composed of the 21st and 46th line regiments. The brigade formed part of the left wing at Waterloo and were a very experienced unit.

The 3rd Division was not engaged at either Ligny or Quatre Bras but confronted Pack's British division during D'Erlon's frontal attack at Waterloo.

They were badly mauled by the Union Brigade and this brigade had three battalion commanders wounded, one regimental commander wounded (Colonel Baron Carre) and Noguès himself wounded, showing they were in the thick of action on The Day.

So the fifth French brigade is finished, only three left to do, then the cavalry and I Corps will be finished. It's all downhill from here...

In other news today is the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Verdun, the German attempt to break the French army on the Western Front. This picture show the French fort of Douaumont before and after the battle and gives an idea of the intensity of the fighting that occurred during the nearly ten month long battle.

There have been a couple of good radio programs about the campaign, click the links below as they are well worth a listen:

Radio 4's Verdun - The Sacred Wound:

BBC World Service: Witness - The Battle of Verdun

Remember them.