My Third 6mm French Brigade

So pushing on with the 6mm French I Corps is the third Brigade. It is 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, led by Général de Brigade Baron Nicolas Schmitz. This unit consisted of the 13e Régiment de Légère and the 17e Régiment de Ligne, both with two battalions.

The 13e Régiment de Légère had interesting uniforms which saw them in all blue from head to foot (except their white cross belts). This was the typical French Light infantry uniform.

This was nice from a painting point of view as there is not that much variety in the French units that I have painted so far.

Also, the commander figure was a nicely sculpted little chap with his sword aloft as his horse leaps dramatically.

Another unit down, perhaps in 2097 I may be able to have a game using these painted 6mm figures, but until then I will keep on plodding along!

Thanks for reading!