French 1st Division, 2nd Brigade in 6mm

Cracking on with the French 1st Corps for the 100 Days Campaign I next painted the 2nd Brigade of the 1st Division. This unit was commanded by Général de Brigade Baron Charles-Francois Bourgeois and was made up of the 28th and 105th Regiments of Line. Both of these regiments were formed of two battalions, however, the Blücher card has the unit listed as Understrength. So in this case, I left off one battalion of the 105th Regiment (the two could have formed into one or one may be off on garrison duty, whatever...). 

As with most of the French units, this one also has skirmishers, so four of these were added at the front.

As I have mentioned before, the three battalion formation is game shorthand for understrength units, so we don't have to keep referring to the base labels during the heat of action.

This unit adds a second to I Corps, which is slightly smaller than the British I Corps with only eight infantry Brigades and a cavalry Brigade. So this shouldn't take very long to finish off.

Having said that, I have set myself a big task here completing the armies for the 100 Days Campaign, but I am relishing the challenge!

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