1st Dutch/Belgian Brigade (Bijlandt) in 6mm

Another addition to the British 1st Corps for Blücher is the 1st Dutch Belgian Brigade of the 2nd Netherlands Division under Major-General Bijladnt. This is a unit made up of four battalions of 7th (Dutch) Militia led by Lt-Col. H Singendonck, 8th (Dutch) Militia under Lt-Col. W A de Jongh, 5th (Dutch) Militia under Lt-Col. J J Westenberg and 7th (Belgian) Line under Lt-Col. Vandensande. There was also a unit of Jaegers (27th Dutch), but as these would have been operating as skirmishers and the Blücher 100 Days Campaign cards gave this unit no skirmishers, I decided to leave them off to avoid confusion in a game.

The 7th Belgian Line battalion are at the front left and have a slightly different uniform from the Dutch Militia. The figures came from the excellent Baccus Napoleonic ranges.

This unit is classified as a 'conscript' unit in the Blücher rules and have an Elan score of only 5. This makes them a pretty weak unit.

Like the other Dutch/Belgian units in I Corps these battalions were not awarded their colours until after the 100 Days Campaign, so I have left off the flags.

Another week, another brigade, I have cleared my painting desk of anything that isn't Blücher related at the moment in order to finish of I Corps. Not long now!

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