More Star Wars Bits

In between the Blücher bases and The Great War miniatures, I found little time to paint some more of the 15mm Star Wars project I have been slowly putting together. The first are this batch of killer robots. They came from Ground Zero Games and look a little like the bounty hunter IG-88. I had to bend the arms on some of the figures to give them a better pose and couple snapped in the process. However, superglue came to the rescue.

It was a very basic paint job of undercoated in black, drybrushed with successive layers of gun metal and finally Games Workshop's Mithrill Silver.

Second up in this batch are a group of Highlander Studios' 'Minions'. These are much better than the Khurasan Stormtroopers; they are a correct height and proportion and the poses are far better in my mind. Also the blasters are more representative of the ones in the film.

I have another forty 'Minions' to paint, but before I go blind with the white I am trying to finish off my 6mm 1st Corps for the 100 Days Campaign, so they will have to wait a little while longer.

Thanks for reading!