Another Batch of The Great War Brits Finished!

In an attempt to finish of the base set of figures that come with The Great War board game from Plastic Soldier Company,  I have completed another third of the British. Another twenty five down and twenty five to go. Here are the infantry, all based on magnets and the metal paper bases that I showed you in the previous post:

The machine gun and crew all fit nicely on a single base:

The bomber and his associates fit on one of my larger bases:


As does the mortar and crew. Unfortunately, the mortar legs hover slightly above the base, but I won't lose any sleep over it.

So it's all downhill from here, with only one more sprue of these figures to complete (for now I'm ignoring the three other sprues that came with my Kickstarter game...). Check back to see the rest when they are finished off. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. More stuff to tempt me into another project! You know one day Alex I will crack and give in

    1. You know you will Russ, your will is weak... Mind you, with The Great War you don't need to be as idiotic as me and paint all the figures, you can use them in the game as they are.

  2. They look nice, very nice!


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