2nd Dutch/Belgian Brigade in 6mm

I am punching forward with finishing the Allied I Corps for Blücher based on the 100 Days Campaign cards. The next completed unit is the 2nd Dutch/Belgian Brigade of 3rd Netherlands Division. This brigade was commanded by Maj-Gen. d'Aubreme and consisted of 3rd (Dutch) Line, 12th (Dutch) Line, 13th (Dutch) Line, 3rd (Dutch) Militia, 10th (Dutch) Militia,  3rd (Belgian) Jaeger and 36th (Belgian) Jager.

The 3rd Netherland Division remained in reserve on the extreme west of the Allied line during the Battle of Waterloo. However, they were thrust into the fray against the Imperial Guard towards the close of the action. The units in the brigade have no flags as I discovered that the Dutch/Belgian units at Waterloo were only awarded their colours after the campaign had come to a close, this made things a bit easier for me but I have now ended up with a lot of single figure flag bearers...

As mentioned this brigade had no less than seven battalions in its numbers. Two of these battalions were the Jaegers, so I modelled these as the skirmishers at the front of the unit. I only included four figures, although there were two battalions of them, as I didn't want to crowd the base too much as the base is already crowded with the five battalions of line and militia. However, this also works nicely as a visual shorthand for 'overstrength' units in the Blücher rules. It is easy to spot the 'overstrength' units on the tabletop, without having to refer to the base label in the heat of action.

The blue uniforms also add a splash of colour to the otherwise red ranks of I Corps. Now I only have a handful of brigades to finish to finish off the infantry elements of I Corps. Beyond this there is the three cavalry bases and maybe my first artillery unit!

Thanks for reading and check back for further updates!


  1. Awesome. 6mm, right? Very nice bases. I am doing it in 10mm myself. Love Blucher. Keep it up.


    1. Thanks Kurtus, yep, these are 6mm. I like the epic feel to 6mm. Blucher is a great game!

  2. Excellent, great to see Blucher in 6mm. I like the bases you have created to match the cards.

    1. Thanks Ian, I cannot take credit for the bases, they are made by Sally 4th, who make these style bases in various sizes.


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