Any Landing You Can Walk Away From...

Another addition to my 15mm Star Wars Miniatures Battles project is this objective marker of a crashed TIE Interceptor. It started life as a snap-together Easy Kit from Revell, and is 1/100 scale, which matches pretty well with 15mm. Close enough not to notice anyway.

I pulled the wings apart and smashed the windows to make it look as though it had a very rough landing.I also left the pilot out and glued the hatch open to make it seems as though he either escaped or the body was recovered.

The ruts in the ground were built up with polyfilla and had my pre-coloured rubble added to make it look like clods of earth. I was going to add a spread of wing debris, but that would have made the base too long and I wanted to make as small a footprint as possible.I still have the bits I pulled off the wings, so I may make them into separate terrain pieces at some point in the future.

Also added was some battle damage in the shape of blaster shots. This was easily done with a metal spike heated up with a match and shoved through the wings. I then drybrushed the damage with German Grey.

Here's a close up of the damage.

I didn't paint the kit as it already comes in a bluish-grey plastic, it is an 'easy kit' after all. I did, however, inkwash the entire model in Army Painter's Dark Tone, this added some depth to the piece (and cut my work down considerably...). I also added static grass and grass tufts to the base just to break it up a little. Here are two 15mm Stormtroopers to give you and idea of the scale of the kit.

It will make an interesting Star Wars specific battlefield feature or an objective marker, maybe it contains some hidden plans for a certain space station? The actual kit took me no longer than about twenty minutes to build, it was waiting for things to dry that delayed it.

If you are interested I still have the pre-coloured rubble for sale here on EBAY. It comes in three colours and can be used for most modelling projects and basing wargaming figures:

Thanks for reading!


  1. Cheers Jay, I'm glad you liked it!

  2. I'm guessing Harrison Ford was flying it! jokes apart excellent work you really know how to full throttle any project!!

    1. LOL, he must have been. Thanks Russ, I like to have scenery that matches the game wherever possible!

  3. Fantastic use of the kit to make an interesting piece of terrain


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