More Marders!

I finally got the Marders I was looking for. These are the Marder IIs I needed for the Stalingrad project, and I had to sell my soul to get them as they are from Battlefront. At the price I paid I had to re-mortgage the house to pay for them. However, I got what I needed and no one made me play Flames of War

The crewmen were the ones that came with the sets. I thought about replacing them with Command Decision ones, but couldn't be bothered in the end.

The stowage was from the Plastic Soldier Company's set of German stowage, which is proving handy at the moment. For all its faults some of the items in the set are really nice!

There is not much else to tell you about these, but check back for more German tanks in the future!

Addendum: It turns out that the gun shields are on in the wrong place and should be further back. I have fixed this problem now, so I'll repost pictures at some point in the future...

I am still selling the rubble you can see on the bases of these vehicles, you can find it here on EBAY. It's pre-painted and comes in three colours Black/Grey, Dark Brown and Brick Red.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm looking at doing a marder myself it will be for my BA stuff! if it turns out half as nice as yours I will be a happy man

    1. Cheers Russ, I am sure that your Marders will be far better than my efforts! Just don't buy the BF ones, unless you want a pig of a kit to put together...

  2. Nice Marders. Great job. cheers


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