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Along with the other support units for my Soviets at Stalingrad, I bought two Quad Maxim AA machineguns. They came from Peter Pig and are a new addition their range and you get two in each pack although I only need one for the Stalingrad lists. The second one was painted with an urban base as well, just to give me more choice in the future.

I added an extra crew man as you only get two per gun in the packs and Rapid Fire AA guns are crewed by three men.

This is a nice piece and make an interesting addition to the Soviet defenders. The figures have been well sculpted and are a great addition to Peter Pig's all ready extensive range.

So, now I am 99% finished with the Soviets defenders, the only thing missing are three Anti-Tank guns, which I have yet to buy. However, here is the total figures I have painted for the Rapid Fire lists, this also proves that I haven't just been reposting pictures of the same units!

As I said, I also need a few AT guns for the Russians, but I also need to gather together the following:

1 x German StuG IIIb
1 x German Panzer III K Command
3 x German Panzer III J
2 x German Panzer IV F1
1 x German Panzer IV F2/G
1 x German Sdkfz 251/17C
1 x German Sdkfz 251/1C
2 x German Opel Blitz
1 x German 150mm SIG 33
7 x German Horse towed wagons
3 x German 105mm Howitzer
2 x German 150mm Howitzer

I am looking at a total of about £130 for the lot, but I may be able to shave off the guns and claim them as off board artillery. Once I have returned from the US, I'll start saving and once I have bought the vehicles they shouldn't take too long to paint. However, all that is in the future.

Also, please have a look at the pre-painted rubble I am selling on EBay, you can find it HERE.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Very impressive, a beautiful Family Photo!

    1. Thanks Phil, I can't imagine the amount of logistics involved in a family get together though...

  2. Great looking defenders...very nicely done and the background buildings look outstanding.

    1. Thanks Stanley, I have a few more of those buildings to make and paint, so keep watching as I make them in the future!


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