Vapnartak 2015

Another year rolls around and brings with it Vapnartak 2015, hosted by the York Wargames Society at the salubrious surroundings of the York Racecourse. I went along with Ninjasaurus Rex, Dean and Dane, and here are some photos from the games that were on display. 

This massive 18th Century vignette seems to be here every year, with slightly different set ups each time. However, it's always a joy to have a look at some of the infinite detail that is on the board.

Like this astronomer, surrounded by his books and charts.

It must be a lifetime's work that has gone into this.

Close by was a large Sean of the Dead zombie game, played out in what looked like a typical British town.

Another game jam-packed with details (and zombies...)

Including two fellas who looked suspiciously like two chaps from Hot Fuzz.

The Rotherham wargamers had brought along a game of the defence of Rorke's Drift:

The hospital wasn't burning when I first passed by. An excellent table,but slightly marred by the fact that Rorke's Drift is actually surrounded by scrubland, rather than desert...

Next up was a massive game of Arthurian Romano British versus Early Saxon using Dux Britanarrium rules on what looked like Hadrian's Wall.

Another board packed with details and a pleasure to look at!

As it is the centenary of the First World War there was a couple of themed games, like this one, which was an attack on the Suez Canal in 1915:

An RFC FE2B was also in attendance over the battle.

There wasn't many re-enactors, but the Roman ones had brought a mighty set of helmets with them!

And Peter Pig demonstrated a 'gamette' of PBI, which has a new edition, apparently.

Another impressive board was based on the 3rd Afghan War of 1919, which what appeared to be the siege of a fortress. 

Very interesting terrain!

The show is spread over three floors, the top ones being taken up largely by competition gamers, but there was a couple of other large scale games going on, like this ancient siege:

And this one from the Wars of the Spanish Succession:

It's always good to see massive games being played.

I didn't buy too much this year, as I am on a budget, but I managed to get some more bits for Stalingrad, including some stuff from Peter Pig and the Plastic Soldier Company. Plus some dice, paints and a bit of scatter scenery for my First World War figures.You'll see this lot in the next few weeks, as I work my way through them...

Speaking of scenery, I am selling pre-painted rubble in three different colours on Ebay, please take a look HERE.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Argh! I knew I should have got there earlier in order to get the requisite photo's of the games..... I had no idea there was a NWF and a Zulu War game going on!!


    good pics BTW.


    1. Thanks Darrell, it was a good show, I'm sorry you missed out on the photos!

  2. I put the Hot Fuzz bitz in as a cameo-all part of the Cornetto trilogy!
    Working on the living statue from 'Worlds End to add to the park area
    Shaun in The Bunker

    1. Thanks Shaun, the set up for your game was amazing and I wish I had spent a bit more time looking at all the detail!

  3. Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures. It always amazes me to see how good the European wargaming conventions are. We are at a much lower standard in my part of Canada at least when it comes to visual quality of the games.
    Those first pictures of the Renaissance city are easily my favourite, so amazing!

    1. No problem Michael, I am glad you liked the pictures, yes, it is always a pleasure just looking at the amount of work that goes into the boards and games.


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