Final Soviet Battalion For Stalingrad

This week I finished off the second battalion of the 650th Rifle Regiment, this is the last big block of Soviet infantry I need, but the whole unit is still not completed! It feels like it will never end!

This unit comprises of three companies each of eight men with a HQ unit of a CO plus three men (two of which are an AT Rifle crew, that have not been finished yet).

The figures come from my usual mix of Plastic Soldier Company and Peter Pig; that box of PSC Soviets is still serving me well for this project!

As I said, this is the last big block of figures that I need to paint, but I still have quite a lot of support weapons to paint, including AT Rifles, Mortars and MMGs.

I don't have the support weapons for the Rifle Regiment and the 308th Division yet, I am still waiting for my mate to send me some spares through, so this project will take a bit of a slow down until they arrive. When they are finished I'll post some pictures of the complete formations. However, in total, the project is still only about halfway through, as I haven't even begun work on vehicles and guns yet!

But with a holiday in San Francisco looming and me looking at £170 worth of tanks, guns and vehicles still to buy for the project, it is quite a way off (any donations are gratefully received!!). This is a list of the stuff that I still need to gather together:

1 x Soviet Quad AA MMG
2 x Soviet 45mm AT Gun
1 x Soviet 76.2mm AT Gun
3 x Soviet T34/76 Mod 43
1 x Soviet T-70
1 x German StuG IIIb
1 x German Panzer III K Command
3 x German Panzer III J
2 x German Panzer IV F1
1 x German Panzer IV F2/G
1 x German Sdkfz 251/17C
1 x German Sdkfz 251/1C
2 x German Opel Blitz
1 x German 150mm SIG 33
7 x German Horse towed wagons
3 x German 105mm Howitzer
2 x German 150mm Howitzer
15 x German Rifle infantry
6 x German LMG crew
3 x German SMG

So, as you can see I still have quite a mountain to climb!

Speaking of raising money, I am selling bags of the rubble that you can see on the bases of the figures. I have three colours, Black, Dark Brown and Brick Red. Please take a look on Ebay HERE if you are interested.

Thanks for looking!!


  1. Looking good! I really admire your focus on this project. You just keep churning them out to a high standard! It'll all be worth it in the end :-)

    1. Thanks Paul, I will be having a break from this project anyway, as I have run out things to paint for it! Ha ha!


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