More Stalingrad Utility Vehicles

More vehicles roll off the factory production line for the Stalingrad project. The HQs need something to transport themselves around in and I chose these Horch heavy cars as they fit the bill very well. I have always liked Horch vehicles, I like the interesting wheel configuration and used to have 1/35th scale one when I was knee high to a grasshopper. One of these smaller scale ones will be for the HQ of the 13th Panzer Engineer Battalion, the other for the Regimental HQ of 544th Infantry Regiment.

They are Peter Pig models, made in resin and solidly built with a base already attached, so they didn't require much work from me, just some splashes of paint.

The other vehicle I recently finished is this Granite truck, again, by Peter Pig and also cast in resin. This will either stand in as a repair truck or a radio truck. I am not sure yet. This is another lovely little model and the moulded stowage on the roof rack is always welcome!

OK, there is still a lot more to come and I haven't even started on the Soviets yet! On top of all this I am in the process of moving house so this blog will go into a temporary shut down as I sort out all my painting stuff in the new place. 


  1. Once again, great looking these vehicles, and your work on the photos!

    1. Thank you, your kind comments are really appreciated! The photos don't take very long to set up really. I just bung some rubber street pieces down and place a couple of buildings in the background!

    2. Anyway, the result is fantastic!


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