Showing Your Wares

On Sunday, my better half dragged me to IKEA in order to get some more bookshelves to house her academic tomes she needs for her PhD. It was a boiling hot day, but the place was packed with parents and kids. I mean, who takes their kids shopping in the middle of summer? Are there no parks they can go to?

I digress, whilst we were arguing over the colours of bookshelves and cushions, I picked up a glass cabinet. With the imminent arrival of the entire output of work on Greek pottery, my models have to to be rehoused. The cabinet is perfect for them and they now have a dust free environment to sit in.

Although rehousing the planes and tanks was also an attempt to protect the models, a small light I stuck on the underside of the top fell off and not only smashed the top wings of the Nieuport 28 but the undercarriage of the Typhoon... Goddamit. They have been repaired now though.

If you're interested, it's the Detolf type and costs the princely sum of £40. My only issue with it is that it could do with a couple more shelves, but apart from that, it perfectly suits my needs!


  1. gd score , should be easy to add more shelves eg more models

    1. Yeah, it's a nice unit alright. I am currently exploring possibilities of adding more shelves, and then, as you say... more models!!


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