Battlegroup North

I mentioned in the last post the markers I had made for Square Bashing, well I managed to get my computer working again, so here is the .jpg file which I used to printout and then laminate. Please feel free to do the same. I pasted the picture into a blank word document and printed that, quickly run two copies off, which is more than enough for any game and Bob's your Auntie's live-in-lover.

This weekend was Battlegroup North, held at the Elvington Yorkshire Air Museum (which is a great day out in itself!). Dean and I drove up to York to check it out. Here are my photos from the event for you to enjoy! We arrived just as the SE5a was revving its engines, a lovely site to behold!

Then it tipped it down so we beat a hasty retreat to the big hanger where there was a few wargames under way, including this Rapid Fire! game.

All carried out under the nose of this Halifax bomber!

There was quite a few model displays as well:

Another intriguing and nice looking game was this Operation Sealion game, I particularly liked the game of cricket being played in the middle of the board!

Nazi insignia had been banned from the event, but there was a few German re-enactors about, like these 21st Panzer Battalion; fighting for the Reich all the way from the Donets Basin to Ripon. 

There also was the usual amount of trucks and utility vehicles:

And this 25 Pounder:

Sheltering from more rain I spied this knife, fork and spoon set, for all your Nazi culinary needs...

There was also this very nice Rolls Royce armoured car.

A row of Willys. Tee hee.

Then Dean had to embarrass me by posing by the Bren Carrier...

The museum also has a few permanent exhibits on show, like this fibreglass Spitfire:

This Hurricane:

The Saracen:

And this Chieftain or Challenger. I'm not sure which, I'm no good with tanks after May 1945...

Also in one of the hangers was this repro BE2:

Then Dean insisted on having a go on the rear gunner simulator...

Meanwhile, back in the main hanger, the Luftwaffe were in the middle of ruining that game of cricket.

Then it was time for our final bit of excitement for the day, the firing of the 25 Pounder:

On the way out I also managed to get a quick picture of the cockpit of the museum's Dakota!

All in all, a good day, there was probably too little in the way of wargaming, but that is not what the event is about and I'll be at Triples next week for that anyway.