Out Since Mons

Following on from the previous post about the 20mm plastic World War One project I have begun, here are a few more pictures of the growing band of soldiers. First up is the rest of the Lewis gun section, eight men commanded by a Corporal:

All the figures are part of the Emhar British Infantry and Tank Crew set, the Corporal is mounted on a penny.

Here is the Bomber section, again, all Emhar figures.

And finally is a group of Big Men of various ranks all based on pennies, the officer on the right is the one which I converted and who originally had a soft cap instead of a helmet.

There are many more to come and I am currently working on section of rifle grenadiers. It is surprising how quickly these figures paint up, so it may not be too long before I am able to field them against the dastardly Boche.


  1. nice work there ... what wargames rules were you going to news?

    1. Thanks Dave, I will be using Through the Mud and Blood, by the Two Fat Lardies.


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