Mud, Blood and Poppycock

I am generally against the idea of every battlefield in the FWW being a sea of mud, as many weren't, but there was plenty of times when men were fighting in muddy conditions. However, to make games different when playing Through the Mud and the Blood I decided to go down the muddy route when creating a new board for the rules set.
Rather than go through the laborious task of creating new terrain boards, I decided to take the quick, simple and cheap option. In other words, a brown sheet. But brown sheets appear to be quite hard to come by, so instead I bought these raw ingredients:

A cheap white bed sheet and a box of dark brown dye, combined this cost no more than £15. All this was bundled together in the washing machine as per the dye instructions (note the mugs...):

It didn't take long for the dye to work, just two washes and all systems were go! It turned out a slightly lighter shade than I wanted, but it's not a massive problem. The next stage was to lay it out on the garage floor and paint it up.

I sprayed various shapes of brown, black and green onto the sheet. Again, the result wasn't amazing, but it is good enough for my immediate needs and was quick and simple. 

The board will be covered in other terrain items, so the sheet will be hidden largely and for a quick easy gaming board it is fine!

In other news, I have recently been swamped in the First World War; my company, Elmet Archaeological Services Ltd is currently undertaking a survey of the Barnsley Pal's training area at Silverwood Scout Camp. You can read all about our progress here: ELMET BLOG

Thanks for looking!