Vlad and the Lads

I have wanted to get a DBA army for a long time and have always fancied the Wallachians for the simple fact that Vlad the Impaler is their leader, so, as regular readers may recall, I recently bought a Wallachian army from Essex Miniatures and this weekend I finished them off. The Essex figures are lovely, really nice sculpts with good proportions. 

The army is listed as IV/65 and has the following 1x3Cv (gen), 3x2LH, 5xPs, 2x3Bw, 1x5Wb. It's pretty lightweight, but I have yet to see how it will fair in battle. Anyhoo, here is Vlad himself (in Blood red, of course...) along with the three Light Horse elements:

The Essex army pack gives you four light crossbowmen along with some spearmen for the Psiloi elements, which makes for a nice mix of figures:

The bowmen and warband elements are equally nice figures:

And of course, no Vlad the Impaler's army would be complete without a camp element made up of impaled men. These came from Donnington Miniatures; I wanted to get the 20,000 Turks Vlad reputedly impaled one time, but I couldn't fit them all on the base...

And continuing the theme, here is the Zone Of Control play aid. It's made from a tower of skulls.

So this is how the complete army looks on the field, I am looking forward to gaming with it.

Vlad and the lads emerge from a Carpathian Forest.

The shield designs were either made up or copied from this great Blog I found.

Now, where's those Turks?