Type 97 (Chi-Ha) Medium Tanks

One of the last additions to my Japanese Malaya invasion force are these Type 97 (Chi-Ha) Medium tanks. I already had two of these tanks, but needed four for the OOB of the Malayan invasion force. These are Command Decision's models and I bought them through Old Glory UK who's delivery and service was fantastic! Unfortunately for me they only come in packs of three, so I now have five, rather than the four I actually need. However, I'm sure I'll find a use for the fifth tank! Here they are without the flash on the camera:

And with the flash on:

The Type 97 (Chi-Ha) have a reward firing machine gun in the turrets and I was going to scratch build some with the spare LMG figures that I have. The problem is that the LMGs are a bit big oon the figures, so they look more like tanks guns rather than MGs on the tanks!

And here they are with the other two I already have. By the end of this project the Japanese will have a total of sixteen tanks to play with.

Thanks for looking and keep checking back for the final stages of this seemingly endless project...


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