So the behemoth that is my Malaya invasion project has finally rolled to a halt after I finished these Type 95 (Ha-Go) Tankettes, they come from QRF (named as Type 75 (Kyu-Go) in their catalogue). They arrived just before Christmas, but didn't take long to paint and base.

As usual with QRF, I find their vehicles a bit hit and miss; some are amazing, but some, like these ones, can be a little shoddy. The moulding isn't great and there is a bit missing on some of the wheels. But! No one else does these tanks and due to the size of them the imperfections are not very noticeable.

So the addition of these four tanks brings my Japanese force to full strength (with the addition of a four figure Engineer platoon...). Here it is laid out in full, for those who think I have just reposted pictures of the same battalion again and again...

And to face them, here is the British and Indian defenders. It seems like a puny force in comparison, but historically they gave a sterling defence against an overwhelming majority. Hopefully, they'll do as well on my games table...

Now, I just need to find some time to actually play the campaign!!! Thanks for looking!!