Dulce Et Decorum Est and all that crap...

As in my previous post about the British half bases for Square Bashing, I sat down last Saturday and painted twelve German half bases as well. I'm pretty pleased with how they came out:

The front four are Stormtroopers, as designated by their camouflaged helmets and sacks for hand grenades. The Vallejo colours I used (more to remind me, than tell you...) are tunics/trousers/puttees: German WW2 FeldGrau, with white added to the base colour for the tunics as the trousers would have been a thicker material and less prone to fading. A stripe of red was also added to the trouser legs; rifles/water bottle/wood: Chocolate Brown, highlighted by adding white; helmet/gasmask cannister: German Grey, again with white added for highlights; entrenching tool pouch: Leather Brown; Great coat/bread bag: Khaki, highlighted with Buff. The Stormtrooper helmets were painted with Humbrol Dark Green base with patches of Chocolate Brown and Buff added over the top.

As with the British ones they fit in well with the aesthetic of the rest of the battalions, as shown here, along with my lone A7V:

Short and sharp this post but I wanted to get these out of the way before I start clearing the rest of my lead pile, including some Japanese that I have had waiting since 2008...


  1. I like them, lovely work, the A7V is a thing of beauty.

    1. Thanks Fran, much appreciated. If you want some better pictures of the A7V, I can arrange it for a future post? Otherwise there are a few more pictures here: http://stormofsteelwargaming.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/square-bashing-bosche.html


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