British Stokes Mortars

Having a couple of free hours on Friday night I sat down and finished off these two Stokes Mortars and crew by Peter Pig for my British Square Bashing army. when I say Stokes mortars I actually mean 3" mortars from the PBI range with First War crew as a special pack because PP have yet to release a WW1 British Mortar. At this scale there is very little difference between the two anyway, but I'd like to see a Toffee Apple mortar as well as a Stokes. However, I'd also like to see some British bombers and rifle grenades along with various other things to finish off the Square Bashing range. Ahh, we can't always have everything we want, can we?

I trimmed the end of the shell that the loaders were carrying to make it look more like a Stokes round.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Very nice Alex. It's a shame there's no dedicated Stokes or Toffee Apple in the Peter Pig range. They look good on the table, although I can't imagine they look any better than your chaps here. Pretty useful in any game as well - when we've used mortars, admittedly at a large skirmish scale, the players under mortar fire tend to dislike it a lot. An echo of the real thing!

    1. Thanks Sidney, much appreciated! Yeah, the whole PP range is short of quite a few things, but at least I was able to put these together with some of their other packs. I was going to scratch build a Toffee Apple with the round head of a cut off pin, but just didn't get around to it...

      I'm looking forward to using them, when I play my next game of SB. I had quite a few German mortars, but nothing to reply with for the Brits!


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