Zvezda Flammpanzer III

At the same time that I bought the Zvezda T34s from this previous post, I also bought two 1/100th Flammpanzer III (which don't seem to exist on the Art of Tactic Website...). They are the first flamethrower tanks that I have built, (not that they were any different from any other tanks I've ever built...) and they add a little flavour to my mid-war German collection. Again these are lovely little models, clean lines and easily built:

I painted them in a break from some light reading about chemical warfare:

It's easier to find ways to procrastinate about writing a dissertation than actually writing the bloody thing...

PS, I am also selling the Viking army that was featured in one of the early posts on this blog. They are up for sale on EBay: HERE. I also have a few other wargming and modelling items for sale, so be sure to check out my other items for sale.

PPS, I am thinking of starting a Wings of Glory campaign with a difference. It would involve three players, myself as the umpire/Germans and two British players. I was thinking along these lines, the two British players would compete against one another to see who could score the most points as a scout squadron. They would be given a squadron list of pilots and aircraft, probably twelve each, of which they could use up to three in each mission. Obviously injuries or death would affect who they could use, along with new recruits each game week or so.

The players would choose which missions from a list they would like their pilots to perform, such as patrols, escort duty, balloon bursting, etc. Each mission would have a set score if completed, plus a score for every German machine destroyed. The German forces would be randomised depending on the mission chosen by the player and controlled on the board by the umpire.

I guess it wouldn't take much to set up and can be an ongoing thing that can be played at any time the players are free, so wouldn't involve organising a time when everyone was free and would only be an evening's gaming as WoW/G is easy to set up and finish within a couple of hours. It's just to add a bit of  interest to the game and reduce the fight to the death syndrome which most games seem to involve! Any suggestions in the comments, please!


  1. Nice. Hope the aerial combat is satisfying.

    1. Cheers Jay, me too, it still needs a bit of work, but it should be fun whatever!


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