Viking Raiders

I picked up a set of Gripping Beast's Save Us O Lord! set at a show, just for something different to paint as I haven't painted any Vikings for years. I've always admired GB's figures at shows and this was a good compromise rather than buying a full army of Huscarls and taking my attention away from the 20th Century, where I normally game...

I didn't like the flaming torches that came with the set so I used a left over spear and sword that I had as a replacement for the fella cutting the monk down and the guy with sheep booty.

I then asked a friend if he'd go to town on photoshop for me with one of these pictures to show the Vikings returning from a successful raid and here are the fruits of his labour:


  1. Very nice work. The kneeling man makes this piece for me.

  2. Thanks Anne, I asked some Medieval PhD students what colour the Monk's robes would be at Lindisfarne 793AD, so I think it is historically accurate!


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