The Oldheim Ogres

Hot off the painting table is my newest Blood Bowl team, the Oldheim Ogres! When I was a wee chap I was always desperate for a team of Ogres, but GW being the money grubbing demon it is, always made sure they were just out of reach for my meagre pocket money. Now, of course, I have disposable income and can happily spend £7 on a figure just to make up a team. So I have.

It took a while to collect the Ogres from EBay, but I finally got them together and added four Goblins to be thrown about by the Ogres. This should be a fun team to field, especially with Goblins flying around the pitch!

The black and red colour scheme is my own as I didn't like the orange one that is in the BB hand book. The team consists of three Ogre Blockers, three Ogre Blitzers and four Goblin Catchers.

Thanks for looking and tune in again soon sports fans, I'll post an after match report when I field them!