Second King Tiger WIP

This is the second 1/35th King Tiger I had bought for me as a present. This one was a recent addition to the build pile, having only been bought in August as a 'thank-you' when I did some work on the Isle of Man. It has taken a while to get to the final stages as it is a different kit to the previous King Tiger and more complex. Every two tracks had to be built in three separate pieces and not being a particularly good modeller it took me a while to get them built. I was partially put off by how complex this section of the build was and I was trying to think of ways to get around it but I bit the bullet and they were finally finished:

The rest of the kit went together pretty easily. It is a Dragon late production Henschel turreted version, with transport tracks, rather than the wider combat tracks. It's as though this vehicle was thrown out of the factory quickly using whatever was to hand to get it fighting.

This gave me an idea about how to present the model. Rather than going for the usual camo painted tank I decided that to emphasise the rushed appearance of the vehicle it could be one that has been cobbled together from other damaged tanks. I thought it would be interesting to have the hull in it's unpainted red primer colour with all the removable parts already camouflaged as though they've been taken from another or multiple vehicles. This is it with the camo painted and ink washed, along with the basic primer colour on.

It's not finished yet and there is quite a way to go, but I hope to have this one finished in a lot quicker time than eight years...