The Lowdown Rats

I have just finished my latest Blood Bowl team of Goblins; The Lowdown Rats. I don't expect much from these little guys when it comes to competitive play, but they should be good fun if nothing else, because with Goblins, 'da fite'z da fing!' The team consists of four catchers and twelve linemen.

Again, as with all 80s GW figures these were lovely to paint, and had lots of detail and character in each figure. Just like my Orcs, I tried to give their armour a battered appearance as though they'd been sleeping in it and using it as a toilet for a while...

The next team is one that I always wanted as a kid and I've finally got them together, the Oldheim Ogres! Check back soon for pictures of them. As ever, thanks for looking and see you next time sports fans!!


  1. One of my favourite teams. Always fun using goblins as long as you don't mind losing

    1. Thanks for your comments Scotty, yeah, I'm looking forward to fielding them, although it may be a loss for me...


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