Russian Village

Here is one of my scratch built projects from a  few years back. It's a small Russian village centred around a church. It's in my preferred scale, 15mm and I use them for Rapid Fire! although they could be used for older periods as well as they are pretty generic (for a sense of scale they are sitting on a 2' by 2' terrain tile). All the buildings were scratch built from foam centred mounting board about 5mm thick for the walls and cereal box cardboard for the roofs.

I plastered the walls and the roofs, etching it to give the appearance of thatch. The onion dome of the church was made with a lump of miliput and is quite heavy. I had to build braces under the roof of the church to keep it from tipping over!

The roads are all scratch built as well, these are mounting card with plaster coated for the mud effect. I built many different sized sections and shapes of these roads so they would fit together across the board. The field on the right hand side was made with ridged wallpaper glued onto a square of card and the edges built up with plaster. The haystacks were bought on EBay, but I'm sure they would be easy enough to make myself. I'm not overly keen on the fields as they are quite old and were an experiment, really. I'll probably get around to building some newer and better looking ones at some point!

And just in case the church took a few hits, I built a burnt out version using the same footprint. I never got round to building the collapsed tower though... The rubble is cat litter mixed with PVA and spread about the base with some matchsticks glued in to look like snapped support beams.

This was my first attempt at making these kinds of houses and fields and as I say, they are quite old now. I think nowadays I would probably have a go at making a timber building, a little more complex, but that is something to consider for the future... Thanks for looking!


  1. Hi don't know if the other comment posted I hate trying to hit that Tiny Notify me Button if often somehow goes to the Sign out button. Anyhow Just wanted to say ( again) Great Work on that Village:) I too am building 15mm Buildings for Napoleonic, Crimean war, and WW2 Thank you for posting the Great tips:) Your Friend Dave in Va. USA.


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