Indians in Italy: Monte Cassino, Chain of Command AAR

Having played a lot of 'O' Group and other game recently I decided I wanted to get a quick game of Chain of Command in over the long Easter weekend. Having built up a small number of forces and scenery to use in Italy, I decided to set a game during the fighting for Cairo by the 4th Indian Division north of the monastery at Monte Cassino. It would give me a chance to use my recently painted Indians in a theatre that is somewhat overlooked by wargamers in general. 

The Indians were attempting to clear a German held walled farmhouse to allow the advance to continue. 

As the Indians began their advance a section of Germans manned the front wall of the farmyard and waited on overwatch. 

Another Indian section moved into position behind a clump of trees.

Whilst more Germans took up positions in the villa objective overlooking the open areas behind the farm.

An M10 Wolverine was helping the Indian advance and appeared on the road to help batter a way through...

Under the cover of the tank destroyer an Indian section crept along the hedge line staying out of sight of the Germans.

The Indian advance was also helped by liberal amounts of smoke.

As the Indians flanked the farm, a section of Germans began moving into position in the vineyard. 

More smoke meant the Indians were able to get closer and closer to the entrance of the farm. 

However, the Germans on the flank had got into position and were able to fire on the forward Indian section.

In the open the Indians took casualties and shock!

As the M10 burst through the hedge row to tackle the defending infantry a German flamethrower team appeared and fired! The M10 crew panicked and fled the vehicle leaving it empty!

Then a strong wind picked up and the smoke cleared leaving two Indian sections in the open!

Firing began between the Indians and the Germans, causing casualties and shock on both!

On the Indian flank the entire section was destroyed apart from their corporal! 

However, the flamethrower team were dealt with and the Indian Lieutenant joined the advance. 

With the flank cleared, the Germans jumped over the wall of the vineyard and began to advance through the corn fields to threaten the Indian attack.

But the Indian fire against the Germans at the front of the farm was accurate and the German Leutnant who had joined them was wounded and the section broke, this collapsed their morale and the Indians were victorious!

Against all the odds the Indians pulled victory out of the bag at the last moment! I really though the Germans had won, but a few phases later and the tables were reversed completely! I also filmed the game and you can watch this here:


  1. Nice game report- I enjoyed the video too. The Flamethrower team very nearly swung it round for the Germans.




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