Progress Round-Up

As I make more videos and my Youtube channel grows steadily and I am enjoying the process of that output, my blog has slightly fallen behind into second place, I am going to keep updating here, but it will serve more as a photo dump of things that I have been working on, rather than individual posts. Writing blogs takes a lot of time and I find it has increasingly diminishing returns for me personally. However, I know a lot of people read this and enjoy reading blogs over watching videos, so I will be continuing to update, but expect it to be a bit more haphazard and grouped together thematically. So, first of all on my progress round up are these two German half-tracks which I tested out some camo putty on. This was the first time using the putty and the airbrush (which I bought just after Christmas). 

They are both by Plastic Soldier Company and although they are not perfect, I was pleased with the results and want to carry on pushing my use of the airbrush, so it is not just relegated to uncoating. 

I also used the airbrush to attempt some colour modulation and other shading techniques on this inn by Sarissa. This is a beautiful model and is useful for most periods from the 18th century onwards. I intend on using it for Sharp Practice (which I recently bought a copy of). 

The colour modulation and shading worked quite well, although it's subtle and difficult to see in these pictures and using the airbrush will be something I want to do more often with buildings in future. The building was based on the famous painting of the Prussians attacking at Plancenoit, during the Battle of Waterloo. 

Speaking of Sharp Practice and Waterloo, I have also been slowly putting together some 15(18)mm forces for the scenarios in the Too Fat Lardies Christmas special, base don the 100 Days Campaign. I bought some AB Miniatures (from Eureka, here in the UK) to add to the British infantry I already have, including these three British officers and sergeant. 

I also added these Nassau infantry. These are specific to the scenario based on a resupplying Hougomont during Waterloo and it's nice to have something other than the usual red or blue to paint in a Napoleonic army. 

And back with experimenting with the airbrush, I tried out the German three tone camo, but freehanded this time with five Panzer IV f1/f2s. I was very happy with how these had turned out, despite the first attempt going tits up due to blockages in the airbrush. 

I still have a lot to learn, but the process is fun and I am enjoying trying new methods for painting. 

And finally, I also spent some time with the airbrush on this Fokker E.II 1/48th scale model kit. This was an absolute pig to put together, it should have been an easy job, but I got so frustrated with it that I slung it back in its box half way through the build. 


Mind you, I persevered and got back to it and finally got it looking OK. 

I'm not sure if it was me or the kit itself, but I was glad to see the back of it from the workbench!

So, that's all for now folks, stay tuned for more updates in future!


  1. Those Pz IVs have come out very nicely! I usewd to use an airbrush when I was more seriously into plastic modelling and they do produce very good effects.

    1. Cheers martin, yes, I was very pleased with the PZIVs myself and I'd like to try the airbrush out on bigger kits at some point.

  2. Fabulous progress over a range of progress. The Eindecker came up beautifully. Nassau infantry look beaut. The panzer IVs are tops too, as Martin said!
    Regards, James

    1. Cheers James, I'm glad you liked the various bits and pieces!

  3. Very nice. Love the Fokker and the Panzers.



  4. Love how the Fokker came out and the half tracks as well.


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