Ravenfeast AAR: Egil's Saga

As part of their effort to encourage new players into historical wargaming, Little Wars TV produced a set of free Viking age skirmish rules called Ravenfeast, so I thought I'd give them a try with some 15mm Vikings that I have. I based the game on an attack of the farmstead of Bárðr of Atley in Iceland by Egil Skallagrimmson from Egil's Saga.  

Egil and his men began their advance on the farm, looking for vengeance for some perceived slight. 

Meanwhile, a group of Bárðr's men ran across the bridge to come to the aid of the beleaguered defenders. 

As Egil's men ran through the cornfields a couple of them contacted the bondi of Bárðr.

The thralls and archers fought bravely at the fence against Egil and his berserkers, but they were overrun. 

Bárðr's bondi were panicked and fled from the swords of Egil. 

A berserker managed to get into the compound and duelled with Bárðr whilst the rest o his men were put to the sword. 

With the thralls and archers dead, Egil and the remains of his men launched an attack on Bárðr himself. 

Despite taking wounds from the falling swords, Bárðr stood his ground...

...and killed the berserker and Bondi. With his men all dead, Egil turned tail and fled like a scolded dog!

 It was a good game, good fun and easy to play with most of the rules being very memorable. I also filmed his game and you can watch it here:


  1. Nice. I enjoyd the game the time I tried it out. Must get round to another game of it. I'll add the video to my watch list.



    1. Cheers Pete, yeah it's a good fun introduction game for new players. I'd happily play it again. I hope you enjoy the video!

  2. I was just looking at these rules the other day! They look good for total beginners, but are a bit too simple for me. I decided to go with Battle Troll instead. My main aim is petty feuds between Icelanders with mostly unarmoured men, and Battle Troll fits this niche quite nicely.

    1. Yeah they are marketed as an introduction game and are not really intended for those of us with some experience. But the game was still fun and enjoyable and easy to learn and play.


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