Chain of Command Kursk PSC Scenario 7: Breaking Through

Following the failure of the Germans to break through the Soviet line sin the previous scenario of the Kursk pint-sized campaign for Chain of Command, they began another attack across the same board. Swapping a platoon and merging the remains of Platoon A into Platoon B they began their patrol phase (using I Would Like to Rage's patrol phase generator: .

Instead of heading down the death valley of the right flank they went for the left and managed to get a couple of jumping off points almost half way across the table. Using one of these they began deploying their first units.

Meanwhile, the Soviets countered by deploying behind the hill and the objective building with two sections.

Learning from previous mistakes the Germans began laying down smoke as a cover for advancing forward against the Soviet positions. 

Even with more Soviet units arriving on the table they were inching forward, supported by the arrival of a StuG III.

To counter the armour threat, the Soviets decided it was time to deploy a Zis-3 AT gun, dug in to protect it from attack. 

However, the Germans sections were getting closer to the Soviet flank under the cover of smoke. By this time, the StuG had been joined by a Marder III to bolster the attack. 

A Soviet section moved forward and exchanged fire with the leading German section as yet another Zis-3 deployed to cover the objective! 

These two were then joined by a third Zis-3, the other two having already taken hits from the German armour. 

However, on the flank the Germans launched a handgrenaten attack on the defending Soviet section behind the hill. They came screaming out of the smoke and clashed in hand to hand combat!

The Soviet section was wiped out with only their junior leader surviving, but the Germans also took heavy casualties in the attack...

With more accurate German firing the Soviets took unsustainable casualties and their morale collapsed, forcing them to the flee the field, leaving the Germans as victors!

And with that, the scenario and campaign was over in a major German victory! The Soviet line had failed to hold back the attackers and they were being pursued to Cherkasskoye! This was the final scenario of the Kursk campaign, there is a second part, with another campaign ladder which I may return to later, but for now the results are in! This has been an excellent campaign to play, with a lot of interesting tables that didn't offer much in the way of cover. It is worth trying out for yourself. As always, I filmed this game and you can watch the video AAR here:


  1. Watched the vid- very enjoyable. The very aggressive moves you gave the Germans paid off better than I expected when I saw what you were trying....




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