Caesar's Gift: An Infamy, Infamy Solo AAR

The year is 50BC, all of Gaul is under Roman occupation. Well, not ALL of Gaul. One tiny village of indomitable Gauls holds out against the Romans. Led by the brave warrior Asterix these Gauls are a thorn in the Romans side and when they learned about a new villa being built by ex-Centurion Pompus Maximus on land granted to him by Caesar they decided it was time to evict the new tenant. 

Leading the Gauls Asterix began handing out magic potion to get the warriors hopped up for the coming attack!

Meanwhile, the sneaky Romans brought a Scorpion artillery piece to deal with the uprising...

Pompus' second in command, the Cypriot Effus Offus lead a small group of legionaries forward to counter the Gaulish advance.

Whilst a group of auxillia peace keepers also deployed to cut off the Gaul's flank.

As Gaulish slinger threw rocks at the villa, Asterix worked the warriors up into a frenzy!

Pompus Maximus himself came out of the shelter of the villa and urged his men forward to deal with this rabble! This land was Caesar's gift and he wasn't about to give it up easily...

Now joined by Obelix the Gauls were full of magic potion and ready to fight.

Just as they were about to start bashing Roman heads a group of Alea cavalry burst forward from the woods and drove into the slingers.

But the slingers stood their ground and knocked out the cavalry in an incredibly fortunate turn of events for the Gauls!

Meanwhile, Effus Offus and his men took up potions on the hills in the woodland. 

Whilst the Gaulish levy charged at the auxillia

The two sides met and there was a frantic fight.

With the levy coming off worse and being pushed back...

However, Asterix led half of the Gaulish warriors into the courtyard of the villa and tackled the Roman archers who had appeared there.

Despite being high on magic potion the Gauls were thrown back by the Romans!

Things were going better on the flank where Obelix led his men forward into the Legionaries and gave them such a bashing that they were forced off the hill top!

A second attack led by Asterix scattered the archers and they Gauls began burning the villa...

Obelix's men cleared the last of the legionaries and sent them packing in disarray. 

It was all over, the Roman defence was in tatters, the villa was burning and the Gauls had possession of the field!

The Gauls safely made it back their village to celebrate with a roast boar feast with plenty of music and dancing! This was an interesting scenario, as I have only had the Gauls defending in the past, so it was nice to see how they work when attacking. as with previous games of Infamy, this was good fun and had some excellent narrative points throughout the game. If you ewant to see the 'live' version of this, I also filmed the game and you can watch this here: