More 15mm Indians!

As my Italian campaign project rumbles on, I realised that I wanted to add some flavour to the Allied forces. Of the Allied forces that fought it's way through the Italian peninsular was the 4th, 8th and 10th Indian Divisions along with the 43rd Independent Ghurkha Infantry Brigade. The 4th Division fought at Monte Casino, some of the heaviest fighting in the campaign. I already have a large force of Indians for Malaya, but I wanted to bulk them out and give me more choice for both campaigns. 

Battlefront sell platoon packs of Indians, wearing the Sikh turban. These matched the Peter Pig figures I already have, but also have PIATs as part of the supports. The pack has 39 figures, from which I was able to make three sections, each with six riflemen, an LMG team with three crew and Junior Leaders, two with SMGs and one with a rifle. The JLs were a bit of a fudge, but I have plenty of others to add in anyway. 

The pack also has a Senior Leader with a pistol and I was able to add his 2iC with a rifle. Along with this was the aforementioned PIAT team, a Boys AT Rifle team and a 3" mortar with crew. A full platoon for Chain of Command and it left me with one extra rifle figure. As I said, these will be useful for Italy, but I painted them in summer fatigues so that they will match my Malaya Indians and be useful there as well. I also made a short video showing how I painted these and you can watch this here:


  1. Nice figures. It is always pleasing when you can use figures like that for multiple settings.



    1. Cheers Pete, yeah, as a Yorkshire man I like to make my money go as far as it can...


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