The Return of the Jedi: A Star Wars Chain of Command Solo AAR

One of the first AARs that I filmed was a game of Star Wars Chain of Command, and it was pretty much a year ago. I have wanted to return to that Galaxy Far, Far Away ever since, so I decided on a day off from work that I would do so. I rolled for the scenario and it was a delaying action, so I set the table up like this:

The Imperials were attacking a small band of Rebels holding the compound and trying to buy time for evacuations. The Imperials had to capture the jumping off point near the shield generators to win the game. The first section of Stormtroopers appeared on the flank to threaten the position. 

Bringing in the heavy guns, they also deployed an AT-ST to provide fire cover. 

The Rebels were not taking it lying down and began manning the barricades immediately trading fire with the Stormtroopers. 

Casualties and shock was cause don both sides, but neither was willing to give ground just yet... 

Another Rebel section took up positions on their right flank and helped lay down fire on the Stormtroopers. 

However, the Imperials called on their bounty hunter support and Boba Fett and Bossk landed to start their hunt. 

The Rebels on the barricades were taking a pounding from the AT-St and blasters of the Stormtroopers, but they were still holding firm. 

On the Imperial left flank another section of Stormtroopers appeared to begin their assault across the open ground. 

Whilst a third Rebel section took up positions at the objective of the shield generators. 

Surrounded and out-gunned the Rebels were still maintaining their perimeter...

More Stormtroopers joined the fray, this time heading down the centre to try to wipe out the Rebel section... 

As the Rebels were almost breaking their brought an anti-vehicle rocket team into a position that they could see the AT-ST. Firing, they hit the walker and forced it to retreat. 

But the casualties in the compound were mounting.

And the Imperials were applying more pressure with a section of Scout troopers appearing to support the offensive. 

As the Rebels were slowly being whittled down it looked like victory was in vision for the Imperials. 

At this point the Rebels began withdrawing back towards the objective and using cover behind the buildings. 

A section of Stormtroopers broke cover to get to the barricades as the two sections moved forward in support. 

The AT-ST eliminated the rocket team in the tower and neutralised the threat. 

The Stormtrooper surged over the barricades and it looked like it was all over bar the shouting. 

But at the last moment, Luke Skywalker appeared and ran straight for the Scout troopers. 

His Lightsaber flashing the Jedi cut down half of the section and forced the remainder to flee!

However, the Imperials turned their blasters on Luke and took him down in a hail of fire. 

With Luke being eliminated the Rebel Force Morale collapsed and the Imperials won the game. This was an exciting game of Chain of Command and I want to get some more Star Wars on the table. But that is for the future (or a long time ago...). I also filmed the game and you can watch the AAR here:


  1. Looks great!

    How did you handle the armor and the characters with CoC?

    1. Thank you, if you watch the video report, you'll find out! But I just used the Star Wars variant that has been created in the SW CoC Facebook group. If you join there, you'll find all the info sheets and mods.

  2. Really enjoyed watch the video- very much a nostalgia trip to a simpler time of being 6 years old....




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