Tokens for IABSM and CoC

When playing I Ain't been Shot, Mum and Chain of Command there are quite a few things that can happen to vehicles when they get damaged in combat, including gun sights being damaged, engine troubles, etc. The Too Fat Lardies sell tokens to cover these eventualities and I recently bought a set for myself. But, I wasn't keen on the plastic look of them, so I had think about how I wanted them to look on the table top. The first thing to do was to mount them on their own individual bases. I added Vallejo's textured paste to the bases to hold them in position. 

Next it was a case of painting them, it as quite simple and I painted them all in Oily Steel by Vallejo, apart from the ammo markers, which also had bronze painted on them.

Next I gave them an inkwash, some of them in black and some in rust (I'll tell you why below). Once that was dry they were varnished and I added static grass. A very simple job.

The first ones are these out of ammo markers, represented by artillery shells. 

The next set were the gun sight damage tokens. I did the ones on the left with a black inkwash to represent the damaged gun sight and the ones with rust to represent the destroyed gun. 

The engine tokens were done the same way, the black inkwashed ones representing the lightly damaged engine and the rust ones representing the immobilised engine. 

However, after a discussion on Twitter, I revisited the immobilised ideas and dug out some spare tracks that I had in the bits box and these were turned into markers as well. 

These tokens have loads of uses in other games as well, and it was an easy job to make something that is slightly more immersive than the original plastic that they came as. 

Also, at Christmas, my wife bought me a copy of the new Aliens: A Glorious Day in the Corps board game by Gale Force 9. I made a quick box opening video that you may be interested in, have a watch here:


  1. Those look great- a lot more 'low vis' than before.



    1. Cheers pete, yeah they are a bit garish in their natural state. it's better to blend things in with the tabletop I think.


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