Withering on the Vine

With my move into the Italian campaign for the Second World War I decided that I needed some scenery to go with it that was more specific to the Mediterranean area, so I bought some vines from Battlescale Miniatures

They are lovely little models, cast in resin and full of detail. Added to this they were very easy to paint. It was a case of painting the block colours, washing them and then drybrushing for highlights. Very simple. 

I added flock to the bases and they were finished, ready to harvest this year's wine. 

Here they are with some 15mm British soldiers to give you a sense of the scale. They will be useful for blocking terrain and adding a bit of theatre specific terrain to the board. 

 Meanwhile on Youtube, I released a new video demonstrating the 15 minute painting technique that Sidney Roundwood has spoken about in the past. In it I painted some 15mm British infantry in 15 minute bursts, just to show that a lot can be done even with a small amount of time: