Revisiting An Old Terrain Piece

In recent times I revisited some of my scratch built terrain pieces. I scratch-built a few houses and buildings about 24 years ago out of foam core mounting board. I have used them for nearly a quarter of century as they were originally built, but I thought it was time to give them a spruce up. I turned my attention to this bombed terrace house...

Using the embossed brick printed paper that I bought off EBay, I began the process of lining the model in this after cutting off the base and window sills and door frames. 

After allowing this to dry I then cut out the windows and doors along with trimming the edges back. It was already looking better. 

The next step was to add the door frames and window sills in again, but this time in plasticard. I needed to build a chimney and that was done with four small pieces of plasticard. 

After a little bit more detailing like doors and windows, it was time to put it on a base made of embossed plastic and add weathering and rubble. 

Meanwhile, I also took an old factory building that I had and started work on that as well. This was originally built in four pieces so I could change the layout, but I decided it was better to make the model into one single piece. This was done with the brick paper used to hold the four separate corners together.

To fill out the middle, I used some left over broken walls that I had laying around to allow for the building to be broken into four separate areas. 

As with the house, I added window sills and door frames made out of plasticard and it started coming together. 

Next up was the weathering stage of the building, I used drybrushed paint and weathering powders to add scorch marks and damage to the outside of the building.

I put it on a base, added the interior walls, then used textured paste to build up the floor and help stick the walls to the base as well. 

And then finally it was just a simple addition of rubble that brings the entire model together. 

Both were quite simple projects and I really think they have improved the look of the buildings no end. I now have five buildings that I built 20+ years ago that have been updated for another 20+ years!

I also made a video of the process of tarting up the house model, which you can watch here:


  1. Very nice- the factory especially so.



    1. Cheers Pete, yeah I am pleased with how they turned out but it was a bit of sow's ear to start with.


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