Men in Black in 15mm

Over on wargaming Twitter, Stephen and Nick put out a cry for the Men in Black to gather. They put out a Brunswicker painting challenge for September and October and I thought I'd jump on board.

I've already painted the entire Brunswick contingent for the Waterloo campaign in 6mm, but I wanted to do something for this challenge and had a think about it for a while before deciding on painting the Duke himself, along with some of his staff. 

The figures are 15/18mm and came from Eureka, some of the finest figures on the market in this scale. As I wasn't painting any more than this handful, I made the group into a little vignette. It won't be used in any games as I have no other 15mm Napoleonic figures but it was an enjoyable little project.

The Duke was killed at the battle of Quatre-Bras, so this could a staff conference that occurred before that event with one officer pointing out the French movements. 

 I also made a video about the painting of these figures and you can watch this here:


  1. Beautiful Men in Black vignette, well done!

  2. Reallty like that.

    Things like that always look good at the back of tables- army immersion markers....



    1. Cheers Pete, yes, I have recently gotten into my immersion markers, they really add a bit of interest to a board.


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